ENVY Chocolate

Handmade, developed in the Adelaide Hills

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The history of modern chocolate is fascinating, consumed in South America for centuries it was first discovered by the Spanish in the 1500s and taken back to Europe. Chocolate was long consumed as a drink. Modern eating chocolate now has fascinating properties which allow it to melt in your mouth and interact with limitless complementary flavours.

Divine and delicious, ENVY Chocolate™ introduces a few new adventurous flavours such as Cracked Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Sour American™. As well as favourites of Milk, Dark, White and Orange. All are made with rich, creamy, smooth high-quality milk, dark and white couverture chocolate.

Each hand-made bar weighs 30g, the perfect amount for chocolate lovers to enjoy one of life’s utter pleasures as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 


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